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Louisa Simmons is one of the lucky ones. She escaped her abusive relationship before it was too late. However, her ex still has access to their eight-year old son. Not only does Louisa have to rebuild herself, but she faces a daily fight of her ex attempting to charm his way back into her life.

In the middle of all this, Louisa stumbles upon a new man who sweeps her off her feet. With major trust issues and a meddling ex, Louisa is left dealing with a whole new set of troubles. When her ex realises he’s losing her for good, a campaign of terror is ignited.

How can a new relationship blossom under the shadow of an obsessed ex? And more importantly, can Louisa stop her ex from taking things too far?

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Cowboys & Horses
​​Sophie Woods has her ideal life—good job, flashy car, and a sparkling diamond on her ring finger. All that comes crashing down around her when she finds her fiancé in bed with her sister. With Sophie in a mess, her mum and best friend send her off on a four-week vacation to a working dude ranch. 

Horses have always been Sophie’s solace in life and it doesn’t take long for her to relax and enjoy herself. In doing so, she finds herself questioning her entire life up to this point, leaving her wondering what the future holds.

But what she doesn’t expect is the delicious Head Wrangler, Brady Lancaster. As sexy as he is cool, Brady has only one goal for his guests—to give them a true sense of a real working life. After a few days of cold exchanges, Sophie soon finds herself melting in his arms. 

However, her fiancé turning up unannounced flips her world upside down, leaving her wondering if her new love is just a fling, or something more. More importantly, should she work on repairing her tattered relationship or not?​
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Want & Need
Falling for your boss is never a good idea—especially if he’s emotionally unavailable…

Kyra Wilson is an average woman with a typical job. Her boss, on the other hand, is anything but average. Paul Connors is handsome, wealthy, and has massive sex appeal to boot. After some mutual flirtation, Kyra makes a move to change their work relationship to something more.

All goes as planned, until Paul makes his stance on relationships clear…

After a few hot encounters between the sheets, Kyra is ready to take it to the next level. But Paul refuses to commit—and won’t say why. Settling on ‘friends with benefits,’ Kyra is happy to make the most of Paul’s body in the hope she can change his mind.

But when a handsome stranger comes along, Kyra is swept off her feet…

Kyra meets her best friend’s soon to be brother-in-law, Scott Adams. Tall, dark, handsome—and monogamous—he is everything she wants, and more. Engulfed with the desire to settle down, Kyra falls fast and hard. Still, she struggles to cast aside her lust for Paul so she can completely focus on her future with Scott.

As always, nothing is as perfect as it seems…

When wicked secrets are exposed, Kyra dangles between the two men. With her future on the line, Kyra closes the door on her past and accepts Scott’s invitation to live together.

It doesn’t take long for a trio of tragedies to leave Kyra clutching onto her sanity, and relying on the one person she only ever dreamed of…
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