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Dark Fantasy

Unleashing Demons
Unleashing Vampires
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Three (The Circle of Life)
Everything in life has a cycle - even life itself.
Birth, Life, Death.
Some believe in the afterlife, others don't. 

Meet Rhea. She holds a certain curiosity about the universe that many fail to understand. Her mind is unable to be surprised with anything that could exist in this world.

Imagine her delightful surprise when she discovers everything she ever wondered about is true, and much more; she is a key part of it.

In the week leading up to her thirtieth birthday, Rhea learns all about Heaven, Hell, and everything in between.

When she turns the sweet age of thirty, she is adorned with magickal powers, which to fully understand, she must undertake a journey of self discovery.

Once this path has been walked, Rhea has some big decisions to make regarding her place on Earth and what is best for us, and for her. Amongst all of this, Rhea has to adjust to the fact that she is a creation of someone elses wants and needs.

In their quest for ultimate power and glory, they have everything set up perfectly; but they need Rhea's offspring to complete their grand design plan.

To make things even worse, she must also juggle two soulmates, estranged parents, and her own desires. What will she do and more importantly, what will happen to us?

Paranormal, Romance, Adventure