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      3. Welcome to China TJK Machinery Co., Ltd. WhatsApp: +86 13121998800+86 13910833898 or+86 13121998800 sitemap


        China TJK Machinery Co., Ltd.

        about us/100% SATISFACTION RATE.

        TJK is the largest manufacturer in reinforced rebar processing machinery in China.
        TJK Machinery was founded in 1993, to be a corporation company in 2002, registered capital is RMB 71,500,000, In 2015 TJK successfully listed on the new three board as a public company. TJK has own professional R&D team,daily engaged in research,development and design of new products, up to now has over 100 models, 500 technical patents, to lay the foundation of TJK leading position in China.


        Our products are sold throughout China and exported to many countries and regions all over the world.
        • Wire Bending Machine

          Stirrup Bender WG12D-4(stirrup rebar) has the particular patented straightening system, constituted by sets of horizontal and vertical rollers that can be automatically adjusted.

        • Steel Bar Bending Machine

          Stirrup Bender WGZ12F calculate total length by computer to cut before bending, Stirrup Bender WGZ12F have two blade(one at the end of machine, the other one is beside the bending head and two sets wheels.


        TJK is the largest manufacturer in reinforced rebar processing machinery in China.
        Contact Us        

        CONTACT US

        Company staffs sincerely welcome all friends at home and abroad to visit our company discussing cooperation.

        China TJK Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Mobile: +86 13121998800
        Mobile: +86 13910833898
        Email: sales@chinatjk.com
        Add: Room 1006, Building No.2, North Star New Era Plaza,?Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100107, China


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