Cover Designers

Decent cover designers are hard to find, especially with the eruption of sites like Fiverr, which is great for people on a tight budget, but not so great all the time for quality or correct licensing issues.
Below are a handful of designers whose groups I frequent as often as a magpie in a jewellery shop. Their prices suit all budgets and some are flexible on payment plans too.

This rather stunning cover is just one amazing piece of artwork by the fantastic Jennifer Munswami. Owner of J.M. Rising Horse Creations, Jennifer creates outstanding outwork at very reasonable prices. The cover shown here is a premade, and her customs are even more jaw dropping. 
​Her group, Ryse's Cult, is very active so have your notifications switched on!
You can contact Jennifer here via her FB group.

This beautiful cover is a recent creation of the very talented Methyss Digital Artist. Premades are uploaded 3-4 times a month with quite a few going to auction - such as the one featured here. Customs are also taken on. The FB group is very active so have your notifications switched on! Prices are well within budget for most people. 
You can contact Ruxandra, the owner, here via her FB group.
P.S. I have covers from this lady :-) and a custom in the pipeline too!

An amazing piece of artwork by Andreea Elena Vraciu. Andreea is amazing with digital art, as this clearly shows. New premades are uploaded at least once a week, and auctions are a regular occurence in her group. Her covers are usually snapped up within hours of being posted so I thoroughly recommend having your notifications switched on for this group. 
Andreea's prices are excellent, even without the flash sales she often treats us to. Customs are also taken on.
You can contact Andreea  here via her FB group.
P.S. I have covers from this lady - keep an eye out for reveals ;-)

Lily Dormishev is another super talented digital artist. All of her covers are outstanding, but some will leave you with an open mouth. Lily is very active on FB and is always asking for feedback, opinions, and criticism. Pleasing people is definitely her number one thing!
Again, her prices are more than affordable with both premades and customs being undertaken. Premades are added to her group frequently so have those notifications switched on!
You can contact Lily  here via her FB group, or visit her website   here.  

DarkImaginarium is a fantastic place for covers. Silviya, who owns it, is active on FB and regularly posts new material. Quite often she will ask what her authors are looking for at the moment, and will create a premade loosely based on given descriptions - such as this featured cover.
Her prices are affordable with both premades and customs being taken on. Her website features some of her own personal work which is just as stunning as her commercial work.
You can contact Silviya  here via her FB group, or visit her website here.

Francessca Wingfield owns Francessca's PR & Designs. She is an amazing lady with daily activity in her FB group. Premades are uploaded around once a week, and at least once a month, she will post stock photos asking for the groups opinions on what they would like to see on book covers. Francessca is FANTASTICALLY priced - I really can't stress that enough. Her romance covers are absolutely breathtaking and covers for other genres are equally impressive. 
You can contact Francessca through her FB group which can be found here.

P.S. You will find this exact cover soon with a story from yours truly :-)

Komal Chandwani is the lovely lady who owns Mindscape Designs. Her premades are really striking, well thought out, and unique. New covers are uploaded around 3 - 4 times a month with frequent sales, auctions, or offers on the go.
I cannot express enough how much of a people person Komal is. Always eager to please and happy to accomdate where she can, Komal is amazing in her own right. 
You can contact her here via her FB group.

P.S. You will find this exact cover soon holding a story from yours truly :-)

TociljDesigns is just *wow*. The detail, time, and quality put into her covers are out of this world. This particular design is a premade, which is amazing, but her custom works blow these out of the water. Her prices are unbelievable for the quality you get.
You can contact Michelle, the owner,  here  via the FB group, visit the website here, or email

Manuela Serra is another exceptionally talented designer. She designs both premades and customs, and for fantastic prices. This particular cover is a premade, and is still available for sale amazingly! 
You can contact Manuela  here  via her FB page.

Giusy Ame creates some jaw dropping designs. Again, her prices are brilliant, and she is more than accomodating with requests, alterations etc. 
Unfortunately, Giusy doesn't have a FB group, but she has an awesome website where she showcases all of her works. Her work can be found on FB groups such as this one too, where she posts her latest premades for sale. Customs are also undertaken.
Giusy's website is here.
P.S. I have a stunning cover from this lady too!