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  There’s something about the hours between dusk and dawn. It seduces us to give in to temptation—to let all our inhibitions go.
It’s liberating to allow your fantasies to take control, even if it’s only for one night. To know that when dawn breaks, the sinful hours spent in the dark will be hidden forever.
But everything isn’t always quite so simple. Ask the guy who spent a few hours between the sheets with a woman who turns out to be someone he didn’t expect. Or the woman who signs up for cooking classes, but ends up getting an entirely different lesson in the kitchen.
At that moment, it may not seem too dangerous…or too risky.
But be careful.
In hindsight, you might realize that a lot can happen in just…
One Night


Noun.  ‘A strong feeling of support or allegiance.’

For some, loyalty can be bought. For others, it’s earned. But the thing about loyalty—it can change in an instant. All it takes is one act, one decision, and loyalty shifts to betrayal in the blink of an eye…a sin which cannot go unpunished.

Not in this world.

But sometimes things happen beyond our control, forcing our allegiances to change. Like the mob enforcer who wants nothing more than to seduce the assassin hired to kill him. Or the FBI agent who falls for the woman whose past holds ties with the mafia.

Yet, no matter the reason or motive, the consequences of betrayal are always deadly.

Because in this world everyone is…

Craving Loyalty

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Everyone has a weakness. Some of us try to hide it. Some of us desperately fight against it…and some of us choose to embrace it.

Weakness has the power to bring even the strongest man to his knees. It has the ability to make the most strong-willed woman give in to temptation. And it’s capable of binding you with chains of regret…or it can liberate you from all your inhibitions.

This is a collection of novels with alpha dominant men, and the women who are unable to resist them. Whether it’s a good Catholic girl who is led willingly into temptation, or the new employee who gets a sinful offer she can’t refuse—these stories are bound to make you see exactly how easy it is…

…to succumb to weakness.

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Red Hot: A Steamy Romance Collection

Sexy bosses, cheating scumbags, and forbidden romances

I'm not a good Catholic girl...And he's FAR from a good Catholic boy.” ~ Into Temptation

“With nothing to lose but my pride, I’ll accept his deal, but his coldhearted playboy routine…not so much…” ~ Accidental Love

“A fiery temper, two sets of handcuffs, and copious amounts of tequila are guaranteed to make this situation complicated…” ~ Something Borrowed

“Her handsome boyfriend also happens to be a cheating scumbag. At least she has a great apartment.” ~ Best Man For The Job

“Falling for your boss is never a good idea—especially if he’s emotionally unavailable…” ~ Want & Need

“No dating the models. No exceptions. Shouldn’t be a problem…right?” ~ Behind The Lens

“Keeping the boss’s daughter safe is my top priority. But falling in love with her definitely wasn’t in the job description…” ~ Rules of Her Sins

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